Sunn meri mayalu chords, tabs and lyrics by Cool Pokharel

Sunn meri mayalu by Cool Pokharel is one of the most melodic songs I have ever heard. Its very sad that such a talented artist have left us, too early. But what he left us with will stay in our hearts and music scene forever.

The whole song is played as a plucking and hence there is no guitar strumming chords. It is hard to sing and play this song because of the varying beats in the song. Instead of regular known beats, this song goes back and forth between 4/8, 5/8, 6/8 etc…So the best way to play this song is to take every single note as a beat and forget about the measures. At least that’s how I learned it!

Once you read the first intro you can see that the bottom two strings are mostly in a position of open G chord. Have fun and enjoy the tabs/chords and lyrics.

Here is a link to the tab of the song:



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